Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun in the snow!

Our pal Froggy in a comment on this post:

Ice out has been declared on Lake Minnetonka. That means, essentially, the ice is gone. Enjoy your snow. I'll be enjoying my not snow.

Go jump in yer ice-free lake, Froggy. I'll be able ta hear yer weenie slammin' ta "Min" from here! Heh.

Anyway, I took yer advice. Here's me enjoying my snow, which we got a pretty good refill of yesterday and last night. First things first:

My buddy Dave, The Berm Fairy working on Clancy's driveway next door after taking a few swipes out of mine that saved me a lot of time and work. He's hard to catch in the act, but I got lucky and had my camera on me. Pardon my finger:

I went up and got him the 5-pack of Heineken's Best Berm Removal Fuel that I've had in the icebox for a month. It woulda been a 6-pack except Mrs. G fell to temptation. Thank you, Dave.

Here's the first round of the main event, with a coupla annotated 'wardrobe malfunctions'. I have no shame, nosirree. Heh. I only wish I had the camera running as I went down the right side of the driveway. All the snow I had been throwing over there avalanched down on me. No problem, happens quite often, but it's impressive, especially when you find yourself standing in knee deep snow where you weren't a second before. As you can see, we all had a good time. We do this shit a lot in the wintertime.

Thank you for letting me bore you with my ho-hum chores.

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