Monday, June 21, 2010

Bootstraps ...

[A big welcome to Jim's readers over at Skippy's - F]

You know, I'd better not hear anybody from the Gulf states saying shit like "poor people should pull themselves up by their bootstraps" or that "they don't really want to work" or some other conservative horseshit. I hope now they realize that shit happens to regular folks every day that puts them in a bad way, whether it's a disaster (natural or man made), or unemployment, or a sickness, or a hundred other reasons.

Maybe they'll realize, now, that they've been voting against their own interests and think about what really matters to them. Their way of life, their children's health, and making sure their job ain't outsourced or destroyed in an effort to make rich people richer. I hope they'll realize, now, that there are people standing in line for checks through no fault of their own.

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