Sunday, June 20, 2010

Clean the Gulf, Clean House, Clean Their Clock

Here's the last coupla ¶ of Daddy Frank's column today:

When Joe Barton, the ranking Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, revived Rand Paul’s defense of BP last week by apologizing on camera to Hayward for the “tragedy” of the White House’s “$20 billion shakedown,” the G.O.P. establishment had to shut him down because he was revealing the party’s true loyalties, not because it disagreed with him (my em). Barton was merely echoing Michele Bachmann, who labeled the $20 billion for gulf victims a “redistribution-of-wealth fund,” and the 100-plus other House members whose Republican Study Committee had labeled the $20 billion a “Chicago-style shakedown” only a day before Barton did.

These tribunes of the antigovernment right and their Tea Party auxiliaries are clamoring for a new revolution to “take back America” — after which, we now can see, they would hand over America to the likes of BP. Let Deepwater Horizon be ground zero for a 9/11 showdown over the role of government. There couldn’t be a riper moment for Obama, as a man once said, to bring it on.

Always remember the First Law Of Bar Fights: Ya gotta bring some ta get some.

The Second Law jumps around that: The sucker punch is yer best friend. The Repugs are sucker punchin' themselves. Heh. Another draft an' some popcorn please, barkeep!

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