Friday, June 25, 2010

For political gain ...

Unfortunately, the average American doesn't pay enough attention to how their country is being run to understand this. Either that or they think it's a game and it doesn't really matter which side is in charge.

Everybody's talking about Senator Debbie Stabenow's aggressive words today accusing the Republicans of tanking the economy and throwing millions out of work for political gain. I don't see why this is even slightly controversial. The GOP is a party whose mouthpieces said from the very beginning that they wanted the president to fail and that they were planning his "Waterloo." And anyone who understood how our government works (or even understands simple logic) knew that saying that in the midst of an economic crisis translates to making people suffer. There was no other way to interpret that so it makes sense.


Republican policies are not about the welfare of their constituents but about setting the table for the November elections. It's about being in power in order to protect their 'patrons' from their constituents.

You have the Republican Party standing up for BP (many saying we should pick up the bill for the clean up), Bobby Jindal and Hayley Barbour some of the loudest, under the auspices of "saving jobs", and this is taken as sane behavior in this country. Their states' economies have been ruined, hundreds of thousands of peoples' lives ruined, and hundreds of miles of delicate ecosystem destroyed, and they're 'worried' about the handful of jobs lost if a small percentage of deep water rigs are shut down? People have been institutionalized for saying shit like that in the past but today it's considered intelligent discourse.

And people will go out and vote for these idiots.

In my day, "USA" meant "can do". Now, it's just an acronym for "fail" and we have ourselves to blame. Collectively, we put them in office and now it's next to impossible to get them out. Who else you gonna blame?

Happy Friday!

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