Friday, June 25, 2010

Dawn Blitz

Oh swell. Give a training exercise a Wermacht-themed name in these days of invading nations for no reason other than imperialist/capitalist ideology. Officers, peh...

Photos: Marines amphibious training

The Marine Corps has not stormed a hostile beach since the Korean War.

While true in the strictest sense, the Corps has stormed hundreds of beaches since then, They didn't know if they were going to be hostile or not until they got there.

I guarantee this: once we have forgotten how to do it, we'll have to do it and Marines will die unnecessarily for not remembering how. Keep training, Jarheads.

A coupla signs at Camp Pendleton during my infantry training days: "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war" and "Let no man's ghost ever say we failed to do our job". Still true. Leave that shit to the Army, which doesn't train every soldier to be a rifleman, which can come in handy in a pinch.

My own amphibious training had me clamber down a cargo net into a Mike boat*, just like in the movies. I was one of the last to 'get' to do that. At least they don't do that any more. Then the Corps trained me to assault the enemy from an H-34 helicopter. With a 50-lb. battery charger in either hand in addition to all the camping gear and shootin' arn. I was so glad to survive the ride I'da charged hell with a bucket of water just to get outta the sonofabitch!

*A misnomer, but that's what we called them. They were actually 'Peter' boats, but we weren't gonna climb down inta no Peter! Again, leave that to the Army...

I'm amazed at the variety of modern gear to get the kids ashore these days. I hope they never have to use it for real but they'd better know how.

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