Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Leaving ...

Doing the final load of laundry and the last minute packing. The car will be here this afternoon and we still have to head over to the 2000 Year Old Man's (Dad-in-Law Fixer) house and get him squared away before we go.

As usual, Gord's got the keys (if anybody with posting privs here wants to, feel free). Behave yourselves, don't give him too much shit, and stay outta my liquor cabinet. Heh ...

The itinerary is here. As usual, I'll be posting at Worlds so you guys can see what we're up to.

Hopefully, the wifi in the hotel is better than it was the last time we were there. If not, you'll hear from me on Saturday when we get on the ship. If I can get a signal, I'll post once we get in.

Per tradition, I leave you with yet another version of this tune:

Peter, Paul, & Mary - Leaving On A Jet Plane

See yas when we cross the pond!

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