Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Just buck up ..."

Susie Madrak had the temerity to call David Axelrod on the "hippie-bashing" by the White House and Dems in general, and now she has something to say about Joe Biden telling us to just buck up:


Just buck up.

I'm not sure how we turned out to be the targets, but it looks like we're officially on notice. No more complaining about frivolities!

The people still without jobs? Quit yer whining.

The ones on food stamps? You, too.

Your house is being foreclosed on? What a buncha whiners. Shut yer piehole!

Those of you living in your cars? Be grateful you still have cars!

Sleeping on your friend's couch? Beats a cardboard box, don't it?

You can't afford to see a doctor? You'll be able to do that in 2014. You can't wait just four more years?

And they actually wonder why the base isn't motivated.


No shit. I didn't expect Barry to be a flaming lib, but I did expect universal health care and the closing of Guantanamo. I wish there was an (realistic) alternative.

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