Saturday, October 2, 2010

What a long strange trip it's been*. And I never left my chair...

Mrs. G is in the other room watching her NASCAR race. I gave up interest in that when they changed the racing into TV wrestling and replaced all the drivers with Ken dolls, so I'm just hangin' out watching music videos.

At some point in time everything went sorta surreal. I hit on a vid about Bonnie Raitt at Frederick's which sounded like a promising way to spend an afternoon...

That led to a nice stage performance by her, which led to my fantasy dream date, which took me to my all-time favorite version of the song below, which led me to performances of the same song by James Taylor, who wrote it, James and Carly Simon, James and Joni Mitchell, two guys pretending to be James and Carly (I am not capable of making that up!), and finally to Sting, who played an instrument with an unpronounceable name because I don't know what it's called, who also did a nice tribute to James.

My all-time favorite version:

Linda Ronstadt, 1974
Thanks to SaintFu.

*Reference is from this.

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