Sunday, September 26, 2010

Taliban Dan

Raw Story

Grayson ad compares Florida religious fundamentalists to Taliban

Alan Grayson, the Democratic firebrand from Florida's 8th District, made himself a nationwide household name -- and angered conservatives -- last year with his declaration that the Republican plan for health care amounts to hoping sick people "die quickly."

Now his latest move could prove equally infuriating to his political opponents. In a new election campaign ad, Grayson compares Florida's Christian politicians to the Islamist fundamentalists of the Middle East.

And your point is...? 'Bout time that got said out loud. Elsewhere than just in Florida would be good too.

The article is much longer, but I'll cut to the chase:

The following video was posted to YouTube by the Grayson for Congress campaign team, Sept. 25, 2010.

More videos at graysonforcongress.

I guess one Democrat with stones is better than none.

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