Sunday, October 31, 2010

Silence Of The Lambs

Good rant at TPJMagazine.

“To survive, one must be harmless as doves — but wise as serpents.” That was the admonition from Christ to followers, whom he called “sheep.” The instruction is fitting to all humans, regardless of ideology. What if the lambs no longer are informed against the tyrannical wolves about to devour them? What if they are unable to discern between a regular sheep and a wolf dressed up as one of their own? That’s America’s Achilles Heel. If any element takes down this great nation, the religious right it will be… for their chronic naivety and gullibility.

The FOX guarding the hen house is another metaphor apropos, since FOX is the principal right-wing propagandist and the chickens are the naïve, religious right that empowers any scoundrel that mouths their sacred lingo. Satan would be welcome in their churches if only groomed to look like them and coached to speak like them.

Not only have they vowed to tear down government, they’ve promised to take down the President. Republicans will investigate the hell out of Barack Obama, find nothing, but continue probing until he’s out of office. They’re committed to making life miserable in America.

It's working...

Nothing was done by Bush for the public’s welfare and the best long-term interests of the United States. We sit in economic depression as testament to his legacy. Yet the blind sheep still admire the false shepherd that led them over the cliff and are eager to throw the new shepherd to the wolves if given the chance.

A nation that slides backward into Third World governance will soon manifest a Third World economy. That’s the lesson that should have been learned from the Bush years. There is no escaping more national tragedy if the lambs again welcome back the wolves.

Reference is to Isaiah 11:6 - "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb". One of them will always be freshly BF'ed and the other will be well fed.

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