Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Hangover

Digby (actual picture of Digby. Be still, my heart!) Damn good read:

The right understood they'd lost the youth vote, the ethnic and racial minority vote and usually the female vote. The only demographic vote they had going for them was the elderly. And they've done a masterful job of making seniors feel like they're doing something for their grand kids by denying them health care and ensuring that there will be no safety net for them when they get old. You have to give them credit for that.

Harrumph! Speaking as an 'elderly', I resemble that remark! Ya ain't no spring chicken yerself, kiddo...

Still, she's right: the Repugs bamboozled the shit outta people with lies and made-up shit. Give the devil his due.

Keep the faith. And anyway, what choice do we have?

Update: Oh, and when they try to blame the bloggers or the liberals, just throw this in their face:

Only 47% of the members of the Democratic “Blue Dog Coalition” won re-election. 95% of the members of the “Progressive Caucus” won re-election. We're divided, but not that way.

And just in case the media hasn't noticed, the Democrats still control one house of congress and the presidency.

We've got two years for the Repugs to tear themselves to shreds while they try to fuck us over. That's something.

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