Sunday, November 21, 2010

1st Snow, Day 2

Here's yesterday:
Here's today:

Mrs. G took the pups on their morning walk and got just out of the yard and turned around and they were nowhere to be seen. They had already gone back to the house and were waiting by the front door. Here they are investigating the path of least resistance when I stepped out to take the photos:

The kickoff of the Annual Winter Games yesterday went reasonably well. The snowthrower fired right up, but developed a little water in the float bowl at the end, not uncommon after sitting with an empty gas tank for six months.

New snowthrowers all seem to come these days with a nice manufactured stick to clear the discharge chute when it clogs. I just put a large screwdriver or tire iron in my boot for handy access. I'm just hopelessly Old School, I guess.

I just happened to be standing looking out the bathroom window about 3 o'clock this morning. The sky had cleared and the moon was nearly full and it was light as day and absolutely peaceful and beautiful.

The Games will continue...

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