Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Resupply Run

Since me 'n Mrs. G thought we would be out on the coast for her family Thanksgiving, we let groceries run low. We're going out early to recop on eats before The Locusts get to the supermarkets for their four-day weekend. There's plenty of snow, the ski hills are all open, and the skiers/tourons are expected in droves. Great for business, and we need it, but not so great for locals unconnected to the tourist biz. Lay in supplies, spend the weekend under the bed is Plan A.

We're a little low on snowthrowers too, so we're gonna do some Heavy Metal shopping as well.

See yas later.

Heavy Metal Update:

Bit the bullet and bought the Honda HS928TAS. Had ta hold a gun to my own head to write the check, but I'm glad I did. I was looking for the price tag and another customer told me that Hondas were like a fancy French restaurant - the prices aren't on the menu. If you have to ask, you can't afford it. Ask the waiter.

The waiter showed up toot de sweet. His name is Mike, the owner of the joint, whom I've known for thirty years. I finally bought something more substantial than starter rope and shear bolts. He said he knew someday I would and was ready for me. Boy, was he! Heh.

I asked him about all the discounts I'm entitled to - veteran, senior citizen, retired clergy, old fool, whatever. He said those were in August. It was a coupla hunnert less than MSRP anyway, so that's OK.

He made a point of telling me that the tool kit that came with it had a special thin-walled 13/16" spark plug socket and that a regular one wouldn't fit. I was amazed to discover that apparently not everyone has a custom self-made thin-wall spark plug socket for getting at the center plug on a 3-cylinder Triumph Trident (or BSA Rocket III) like I've had for 40 years! Imagine that! I thought everyone had one of those. Live and learn.

A nice young gent had it in my driveway thirty minutes after the walletectomy. He showed me how to work it and was off to deliver another one. They're sellin' like hotcakes and I'm glad they had the one I wanted in stock.

I just brought the machine up the driveway and parked it, but now I see why folks spend the extra money. Damned easy to run and boy can the sonuvabitch eat snow! Flings it a long way too.

I'm a little poorer of purse, but a lot happier in spirit. A good day.

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