Sunday, November 21, 2010

Firsts ...

Having lived an ... interesting life, I don't get many "firsts" anymore. This afternoon I got one. Never have I had a glass cooktop blow up in my face before.

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The Mrs. has been saying that one of the burners had been acting up so, at halftime in the Napoli-Bologna match I went in the kitchen and turned it on, fiddled with the knob a bit, and watched it work. Not 15 seconds later she blew like a grenade. Fortunately, the Mrs. was standing behind me and the dogs were behind her. Also fortunately, the blast went straight up. We were showered with glass but it didn't come at us. Also fortunately, I got the most of it, a cut above my right eye and the Mrs., Chooch, and Ziva walked away unscathed. Thank god the Mrs. wasn't cooking with a hot pan of grease when it happened. By the way, that steak was supposed to be my dinner. Pizza guy has already been called.

Oh well, interesting day ...

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