Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lifting the rock ...

That's what I feel like after the last couple days. After posting my last update on Sunday afternoon, the Mrs. and I figured we were done with the storm. We mixed up drinks (pink lemonade with raspberry vodka) and had a 'hurricane party' after the fact. We knew the wind would still be rough but we'd weathered most of it. Well, Mother Nature had different plans and it seems we celebrated a bit too soon. A 90 mph wind gust took the power out about 6 pm Sunday night.

We got it back later but cable, phone, and interwebs were out until about 2 this morning. I haven't heard any news or information until this morning and truthfully it wasn't half bad.

Dad-in-law had some damage but minimal. The roads are still a mess with traffic lights out at many major intersections all over the island. So many that the cops don't have the manpower to watch them all. Driving back and forth to the old man's house has been an adventure, along with finding a route not blocked by a downed tree. He just got power back yesterday morning. If it didn't come back by yesterday afternoon, we were gonna move him to a hotel.

I spent Monday cleaning up the back yard and in 8 hours of dedicated ass-busting, I managed to get everything cut up and picked up.



I got some more shit to do at the old man's today but I'll be back in form tomorrow. Like I say all the time, thank god we live on this big sandbar. The 6 inches of rain we got was gone in an hour. The people in upstate NY, New Jersey, and New England aren't so lucky. Downed trees and no power is one thing, but the water will be there for a long time.


Anonymous said...

Strange, when I was a kid in southern Oregon in the 1950s, we only had a couple of stoplights. The volunteer firemen would man them when the power went out. Whether for a day or for two weeks.

Gordon said...

I figured you were having storm-related issues. The whole northeast is a bloody mess. Glad yours isn't among the worst.

Fixer said...

Yeah, we were real lucky. I'll take a day's worth of yard work on a beautiful day than wonder how to get all the water out of my house, or if my house is even there.