Monday, August 29, 2011

Liquid Alert Headline of the Day

On more than one level! Heh.

VIDEO- Hurricane Irene reporter: Weird stuff “didn’t taste great.” Oops. “Apparently, it was raw sewage.”

Oh. My. God. Ew.

You know, Mr. Fox 5 reporter, that literally eating shit will likely not catapult you to the top, even at F**. Heh.


Via The Telegraph. Please read the entire article, “Perfect Storm of Hype: Politicians, the media and the Hurricane Irene apocalypse that never was”.

Hype or no, it saved lives.


El Rude-o

Fucked New Orleans: A Sixth Anniversary Post:

When you hear idiots who aren't drowning in the Catskills or watching their towns get washed away in Vermont debate over whether or not government officials and the media overreacted to Hurricane Irene, you have to wonder if they would have been happier if a couple of thousand people had died and lower Manhattan had become Katrina-ville. Of course it was overstated. Of course they screamed and called it "ferocious" when it turned out to not be that bad. How else do you get heard over the cacophony of bullshit that passes for information these days? How else do you get through to the numbskulls who think that something that might kill them is just an opportunity to record a sub-Jackass fail video?

As bad as Irene's effects continue to be, you could detect the disappointment in the news anchors and reporters as they realized that it's only podunk towns in the mountains and not New York City that'd be fucked up (except for Staten Island, but that never counts as real NYC), that they wouldn't have the opportunity to ride boats through Ground Zero so close to the anniversary of 9/11, that the story wouldn't have the synchronized beauty of wreaking havoc on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.


It seems to me that a big difference between the responses to Katrina and Irene is that Irene affected a helluva lot more white people.

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