Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tea For ‘12


For some undefined but Texas governor-sized-and-shaped reason, Mitt Romney is suddenly very interested in attending tea party events.

It's a strategy that's easy to mock, considering the tea party-friendly Rick Perry's poll numbers -- and Romney's penchant to say the right (read: well-received) thing -- but it shows that Team Romney is actively stepping up to the Perry challenge, which could have a dramatic effect on Perry's march to the top of the field.

Willard's gonna try to out-redneck Perry. Can't be done.


mandt said...

I'm waiting for the three-piece bib overalls

Gordon said...

From Hart, Schaffner, & Marx or Brooks Brothers. Abercrombie & Fitch when he goes a-Willardin' out of doors.

Fixer said...

Willard's gonna try to out-redneck Perry.

Ain't nobody can out-redneck a Texan.