Monday, August 29, 2011

Headline of the Day

Bachmann: Hurricane Was A Message From God To Washington About Spending

Mopping up coffee from keyboard now...

Update, because Bachmann is pretty much toast and not worth a new post:

She's every bit as crazy as Perry, but without the Big Biz cred. She's doubling down on the crazy to try to catch up and lets slip a glimmer of truth in the process. From a long post at Kos:

Over the past week, Republican White House hopeful Michele Bachmann unleashed a tidal wave of campaign promises aimed at washing away the American social contract. After pledging to get gas under $2 a gallon, Bachmann announced she would make the U.S. the "king daddy dog" of energy by shutting down the EPA. And while Rep. Bachmann suggested she'd reduce the minimum wage, she promised that President Bachmann "would turn things around within one economic quarter, in part by cutting corporate taxes and eliminating capital gains and inheritance taxes."

But Bachmann's most telling moment was her warning that failure to repeal the 2010 health care reform law would mean conservatives couldn't "ever again...elect as president a Republican." With that, Michele Bachmann became just the latest Republican to admit her party isn't afraid that health care reform will fail, but that it will succeed.

As for Republicans, they consistently made their priorities clear. The health of the GOP trumps the health of the American people. The third pillar of the Democratic social contract - Social Security, Medicare, and universal health care - simply had to be stopped. For Republicans, the collapse of the U.S. health care system - the 50 million uninsured, 25 million more uninsured, millions of medical bankruptcies, near-monopolies in most insurance markets, double-digit cost increases and self-rationing of care, all of it worst in the states they represent - is a small price to pay for preventing a lasting Democratic majority.

"Party Over Country" as the Repugs' motto is pretty much out in the open now if people will just please see it.


mandt said...

Why didn't god drop a house on her. Is that a sign?

Gordon said...

Because real life is not The Wizard Of Oz?

mandt said...

But, but....the yellow brick road and that charming little town of Republican midgets

BadTux said...

Dear Michelle: If God is omnipotent enough to send an earthquake or a hurricane to "send a message", why can't he just send an email or an IM or even a Twitter tweet? What, the keys on these keyboards are too small for his big giant omnipotent God fingers or something? But... but he's GOD, right? He can just *create* him some little fingers to press the keys if he wants to, right? I mean, you're sayin' that He can create the world, and dwarfs, and everything else in it, but He can't even send a fucking TEXT MESSAGE?

Lame, dude. Just sayin'.

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin