Friday, September 30, 2011

AF Academy not on board with AF Chief of Staff

Air Force Academy Was Against Chief Of Staff's Religious Neutrality Edict Before It Was For It

One cadet wrote to MRFF reporting that when he asked if he could post the Chief of Staff's memorandum on a bulletin board at the Academy, the response he got was, "Don't go there. Who's side are you on?" Apparently, wanting to post a memorandum from the Chief of Staff of the Air Force now means you're on the "wrong side" at the Air Force Academy. [...]

There's no doubt "whose side" the AF Weenie Academy is on. Not ours. The Air Force used to be a proud service, defenders of liberty. What the hell happened?

[...] In fact, the number of MRFF's clients at the Academy jumped from 297 to 341 in the week and a half between the Air Force Times article and this Wednesday, when the Academy finally decided to distribute the memorandum, weeks after it was issued. (This cadet's email, along with emails from two other cadets, are included at the end of this post. I urge everyone to please read these emails, which describe the situation at the Academy far better than anything I could ever write.)

So, why the sudden change of heart on the part of the Academy leadership? Why did they finally decide to distribute General Schwartz's memorandum after weeks of withholding it? Well, maybe it was this nice big billboard, containing the entire text of the memorandum, put up by MRFF on Tuesday at a very busy intersection in Colorado Springs, the home of the Air Force Academy.

Much more. Go see the sign and read the emails.

Note to General Schwartz: You need to go hold a little dungaree liberty on the MFIC of that joint.


Fixer said...

Note to General Schwartz: You need to go hold a little dungaree liberty on the MFIC of that joint.

Far beyond DL at this point. I'm talking arrests, courts-martial, and time at Leavenworth making big ones into little ones.

Gordon said...

Standing him in front of a formation of the Corps of Cadets and cutting his rank and buttons off with a sword as an object lesson would be a good start, to be followed by what you said.

Fixer said...

Oh yes, public humiliation too ...