Friday, September 30, 2011

Quote of the Day

Seth Bracken about his experience at a "Pray Away The Gay" conference:


I was propositioned more times at a conference that was supposedly changing people straight than I ever have been at a Pride festival, gay bar or party. I had guys old enough to be my father putting their arms around me, bumping up against my leg and asking to take me home.


And just an additional thought: What kind of confusing experience must this be for a teenager? I'm no pshrink but I can see, at the least, where this would cause a lot of problems in a kid who's probably been bullied and outcast already. At one point, he's told what he feels is a sin and must get this "therapy" and once he's there, he's probably getting hit on by every old queer who's been forced into a het marriage. You know, those who believe homosexuality is a sin and are there to get "cured" too.

These things are nothing but godly hookup bars.

Great thanks to the manliest, godliest man alive.

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