Friday, September 30, 2011

And just ...

For all the bleeding hearts who are all puffed up and crying this morning about "the assassination of an American citizen", let me make this perfectly clear. We got bigger things to worry about than whatever rights some fundie goat fucker in a cave has or doesn't. The minute you leave this country, align yourself with a terrorist organization, and plot to kill innocent people, you deserve whatever the U.S military sends in your direction.

Capture him and bring him back for trial? Sorry but we don't need to waste more American lives in another shithole. If he was in the States, by all means. If he was in a place where we had police cooperation (Europe, Japan, Korea, etc.), most certainly put him in front of a jury. In a place where there is barely a government, where any attempt the locals would make at arrest and extradition would end up in a buncha dead policemen (if they were so inclined to take the job on; there's a reason he's been so successful from Yemen, you know) and no arrest, this was the best alternative.

Save your complaining for the innocent Americans who end up getting their balls broken by the Military/Security apparatus of this country. Stop worrying about some asshole in Trashcanistan who'd kill you and then spit in your face if he got the chance.

And just to add one more thing: This shit ain't new. We just never used the fact we killed assholes like this for political gain before. You can thank cable news for that. It used to happen quietly. 30 years ago, nobody would have known bin Laden was dead, let alone that we did it. Same thing woulda happened with this clown if it weren't for all these politicians who've never been in a war zone waving their pricks around.


Gordon said...

Fuckin' A, F-Man! I'm no bleeding heart in the best of times and these are certainly not the best of times. Al Qaeda and any other terrorists are like Nazis - shoot on sight and hang their hides on the fence for the others to see.

Anonymous said...

no. you are trusting random others to make the judgement and not provide evidence. they could come for you, eventually, remember, you subversives!