Monday, September 26, 2011


Spending summers in rural Germany from the time I was 4, I learned real early not to eat mushrooms unless you know exactly which species you're looking at (or you're in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam). Some benign and deadly mushrooms can look unbelievably similar. Even after years of going with my Tante into the forest and picking them, I still wouldn't feel safe picking them without supervision from an expert.

That said, this via our pal Montag:

With the rainy weather recently, lawns are producing bumper crops of mushrooms. And doctors at Georgetown University Hospital are offering some advice:

No matter how tempting the fungi, don’t yank them out of the ground and pop them into your mouth.


Believe you me, with nearly three times the normal rainfall this year, I got lotsa mushrooms in the yard and some look downright delicious. Something to think about though, my dogs, who graze through the yard and eat all sorts of stuff, won't go near them. If a pair of perennially-hungry Cattle Dogs with cast iron digestive systems won't eat something, odds are you shouldn't either.

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Gordon said...

As far as I'm concerned, any mushroom that doesn't come from the store or my dinner at a restaurant is a Death Cap. Period.