Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Here's How Your Senators Voted on Udall Amendment to Strip Out War and Imprisonment Power Grabs

If I were President, I'd want the ability to lock up American citizens without due process. Bankers, Wall Streeters, the Kochs, every last neocon/warmonger sonofabitch in the Bush administration, etc. I would also lock up every Senator and Congressman who passed the law for treason.

Barry, do your stuff and veto this travesty of justice. It's unconstitutional as all get out, but I don't trust SCOTUS any more.


Anonymous said...

This outraged me so much I called my senators to complain of this un-AMerican law. Both of Michigan's senators voted for it. Our state senators gave us the It's Okay to Bully Law. I am embarrassed for my state.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Both my Senators voted against Udall's amendment. I expected as much from rat-ass Ron Johnson, seeing how he's a fascist teabagging useless piece of shit. I expected something much from Herb Kohl. Guess he's just another blue dog bastard.

Sure miss Russ Feingold being in the Senate.

Anonymous said...

WTF!!??!! I thought Repubs were AGAINST "big governing intruding into our lives." Well, I guess what they meant was they were against gubmint not letting the corporate class do whatever the hell it wants to.