Friday, December 2, 2011

Kabuki ...

Everybody on our side is talking about Frank Luntz being "frightened to death" that the Occupy message is sticking. I'm sure you saw some part of the video from the Republican Governor's Association.

So chief Republican propagandist (and deeply spiritual) Frank Luntz says that he's "frightened to death" of Occupy Wall Street because it is affecting the way people think about capitalism. But he's got some new language to brainwash the people into embracing it again without know what they're embracing.


I guess not many watch European football (soccer). I don't doubt, for one minute, the video was supposed to be out there, at Luntz' direction. It's done a lot before matchday, managers dropping hints that one of their star players has an injury and might not play, or giving the opposing team a bit too much credit. It's all about lulling the opponents into a false sense of security.

I don't believe Luntz is worried about anything aside from the fact he's been given a band of idiots as presidential candidates. The only thing he's doing is attempting to throw the Dems off balance. Head games and nothing more.

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Gordon said...

Luntz is spinning "against capitalism" so hard it's generating electricity and he's trying to make us sound like communists. So what else is new?

It's not that we're against capitalism so much as we're against what capitalism has become. That's Luntz'
and the Repugs' bosses. He's right to be scared.