Friday, December 9, 2011

Marine Hero vs. Defense Industry: A Cautionary Tale

Via Common Dreams.

Dakota Meyer was a 21-year-old Marine sergeant in Afghanistan when he came under ambush, defied orders to stay put, and under heavy fire saved 36 men, including two dozen Afghans. Back home, he was awarded a Medal of Honor and went to work for massive military subcontractor BAE Systems. But when he protested the sale of advanced thermal-optic scopes to Pakistan, his "superiors" launched a smear campaign against him to make sure he could never work in the industry again; he responded with a defamation lawsuit. A look at how veterans are used and abused by a defense industry interested only in the brutal bottom line.

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Sgt. Meyer knew damn well that any military technology sold to Pakistan will end up being used against our troops, probably within days of delivery. He spoke out and the MIC is fucking with him.

These bastards would have sold 8-shot M1 Garands to the Wehrmacht to replace their bolt-action Mauser 98s during the Battle of the Bulge. Hey, it's just business.

Not only should we drop Pakistan like a hot rock, we should drop the Military Industrial Complex that sells arms to our enemies as well.

You go, Sgt. Meyer. Semper Fi. From some of us.


BadTux said...

Now we get to see who's going to win this battle -- the Maring Sgt. or the multi-billion dollar corporation with thousands of lawyers on staff. Even money coin flip, but even if the evil corporation wins they'll know they've been in a fight by the time Sgt. Meyer is done with them :).

merlallen said...

When those 24 Pak soldiers were killed by NATO gunships, I cheered.

Gordon said...

Badtux, it's a fair fight. :-)

BadTux said...

Meriallen, nothing to cheer about in that incident. Possibly starting another war by shooting another country's soldiers is hardly something to cheer about, even if said country is not our friend.

- Badtux the Somber Penguin