Thursday, April 5, 2012


Digby on the idiot who tried to blow up a Planned Parenthood clinic the other day:


I wonder what this paragon of virtue would say about a theoretical Pakistani terrorist who planted a bomb in front of the Pentagon, using the same rationale to complain about children killed by drone strikes. He would doubtless argue that it's totally different, except for the part where it totally isn't. Terrorism is terrorism.


It'd be nice if we stopped making the distinction between Islamic terrorism and the shit the right wing nutjobs here do. There is no difference between the Taliban and Sharia Law and the Christian Fundamentalists who want to make the United States more "moral". If most of the American Taliban weren't ignorant, lazy, generally intoxicated cowards, shit would be blowing up here with the same regularity it does in Iraq and Afghanistan. Notice you don't see the American Taliban strapping on a vest and blowing themselves up. They're far away from the bomb when it goes off. Thinking about it, what little respect I have for Islamic terrorists is far more than I have for the American ones.

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