Friday, April 6, 2012

Suppressing Evidence


The Secret Torture Memo Cheney Didn't Want You To See

It appears that Zelikow was right about the archives: the secret memo, which he called a "direct assault on [the Bush Justice Department's] interpretation of American law," was finally released by the State Department on Tuesday, three years after the National Security Archive and WIRED reporter Spencer Ackerman (then at the Washington Independent) first requested it under the Freedom of Information Act. You can read it here:

Runs to six pages, esplaining Cheney's war crimes to him. He knew anyway.

Neil Kinkopf, who worked for the Justice Department under the Clinton administration (and is now an Obama administration official), told Mother Jones in 2009 why Cheney might have wanted to get rid of the document: "People in the White House — Dick Cheney for example; David Addington, his legal adviser — didn't want the existence of dissent to be known. It's not hard to imagine David Addington playing very hardball internal politics and not only wanting to prevail over the view of Zelikow but to annihilate it. It would be perfectly consistent with how he operated."

Zelikow told WIRED on Wednesday that he believes the Bush administration's harsh interrogation techniques constituted a "felony war crime."

It looks like they got away with it unless someone gets on it pretty quick and that's unlikely. I think The Dick, and The Chimp too most likely, will be long dead before they are prosecuted for their crimes and since they'll be dead, no one will bother. The Devil will welcome them with open arms.

And then Cheney will take over Hell.

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montag said...

Most people would consider the memo a "smoking gun". For our courageous Attorney Corporal Eric Holder to act on it would require wrapping it around some primo buds.