Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Former ‘sheriff of the year’ pleads guilty to trading meth for sex

What, that's illegal now?! Raw Story.

A former Colorado police sheriff, who was once named national “Sheriff of the Year,” pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges of trading methamphetamine for sex with a male prostitute.

The former sheriff, who already spent eight days in prison, will serve the remainder of his 38-day sentence in a jail named after him in Arapahoe County, Colorado.

Now THAT'S funny! Heh.

Note to former Sheriff Sullivan: You sent hundreds of people to your eponymous lockup, so man up and show 'em how to do it. County time's easy. You can do 30 days standing on your head with your balls on fire. Oh, and play nice when they strip search you. Be inventive. Heh.


CAFKIA said...

I have done some fairly dumb stuff in hope of having sex with one or more women. I'm pretty sure that all of the stupid stuff I would do related to sex with men would be in the effort of preventing it. I suppose I could be missing out but, I'm willing to risk it.

Fearguth said...

When the concept of 'karma' was invented, God had this Colorado sheriff in mind.

Fixer said...

Now THAT'S funny!

No shit. I'm surprised the GOP ain't running him for President.

montag said...

38 days. Colorado sounds like a good place to be popped for felony drug possession.

Gordon said...

If you're a white former Sheriff.

You guys are snarky. Heh.

Arthur Mervyn said...

What, that's illegal now?!

Has the statute of limitations run out? Is there a reward for turning you in? ... Just thinking purely hypothetically, of course - unless the reward is big enough!