Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Message from NBC About Its Olympics Coverage

There's been some accusations that NBC's Olympics coverage blows chunks. Their alleged response:

If you’ve been watching NBC in prime time the past few nights, you’ve probably noticed how, night in, night out, we’ve been wrecking the Olympics for you. All we can say is, our bad. At NBC we’re just not used to broadcasting things that people want to watch.

But all that’s about to change.

For only $29.95 you can watch the Olympics with no spoilers, no maudlin “personal narratives,” and no promos for NBC’s new fall shows like that egregious one with the doctor and the monkey we show like every five minutes. And for $39.95, no Ryan Seacrest.

Where's my credit card?


Fixer said...

Where's my credit card?

No shit. I'da forked over $50 to see football matches without commercials or or coming in halfway through a match.

Unknown said...

Is this a real message from NBC or is it somebody trying to be funny