Friday, August 3, 2012

No Expectations

I am having such a ball watching the Repugs self-destruct that I have laid down my rifle for the day and picked up a bowl of popcorn! I don't care who strews the field with their corpses as long as I get to do The Dance Of Joy over them! Gaffney, Bachmann, Norquist, McCain, Coulter, Romney, Westboro Baptist Coven, anti-gay chicken sandwiches, and all the rest of the Tiny-Brained, Who-Fuckin'-Ever, have at it!

Note to the Repugs and wingtards: As you do battle with each other, take a tip from Marines: put your wallet in your right hip pocket. Saves your buddies time when you blow Kingdom Come, that is. Heh. My expectations are high: And then there will be none.

Nanci on the Jagger/Richards song that The Rolling Stones recorded for their Beggars Banquet album. From this weekends Cambridge Folk Festival. Maura and Pete Kennedy accompanying - unsure who the drummer is..

Thanks to 1000Magicians, UK.


Fixer said...

Speaking of self-destruction, they're beginning to ask Mitt some hard questions about having an IRA with $100 million in it when the most you can legally contribute in a year is $6K. How do you suppose he did that? Why isn't he in jail for it? Let's hope he, and the Internal Revenue Service are put in a position to answer those questions.

Gordon said...

He could be in deep guacamole, and "Hey, it's just business" isn't a defense. I hope so. A Repug Prez candidate (which he isn't officially yet) doing the perp walk would be good for the soul. :-)