Saturday, August 4, 2012

Harry’s Game

Go read this by TBogg:

So… in an interview with the HuffPo, Harry Reid accuses Mitt Romney of possibly not paying any taxes for the past ten years based upon a conversation with a Bain investor. Conservatives lose their shit. Reid repeats his statement on the Senate floor. More shit is lost. Romney butches up and comes back with “put up or shut up” which is laughable under the circumstances coming as it is from someone who was forthcoming enough to share a snapshot of his personal finances from the last year and a half that he has officially been running for President but now crosses his legs and won’t give up the goods for the ten years that preceded them. Then Dana Bash reports that Reid’s source is a credible person. A tsunami of shit is waiting to be lost.

Are we having fun yet?


So lets game this out a little further.


And this is all so unfair because Democrats aren’t supposed to punch back.

How’s that sound so far?

Still having fun?


Yup. Pass the popcorn!


Fixer said...

How long we been saying you gotta beat the shit out of a bully, as opposed to running away or giving in?

Gordon said...

All our lives. :-)