Monday, July 16, 2012

What Mitt Is Hiding: Rich Dicks Act Like Rich Dicks

El Rude-o weighs in:

What we're seeing in the ludicrous scramble to justify Romney's retirement date and his lack of disclosure of his tax returns is that Romney doesn't want to let the rest of the nation know exactly how sweet the deals are for the wealthy. He doesn't want the curtain opened.

There's a club and not only are you not in it, you're not allowed to look in the window either.

You can explain it all away as merely working within the law. But it sure as shit makes for an awesome commercial against you, like "Firms," the orgasm-inducing Obama ad that features singing Mitt. You need a cigarette and a towel after it because it's like getting your nipples pinched while your prostate is massaged. The point of the ad is that Romney can say he loves America, but only as an image, not when it counts.

(And one of the things that's gotta be in the tax documents is exactly how many millions of dollars Romney donated to the Mormon church. No, the Obama campaign won't do anything with that, but you can bet that it'd make the evangelical base even more queasy.)

The head Saints require, which means it's mandatory, ten percent. A ton o' bucks. The Pope is reported to have said, "They can do that?!"

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Fixer said...

He doesn't want the curtain opened.

The crux of the biscuit.