Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Has One CNN Commentator Lost His Fucking Mind Over Akin?

Shorter: Yep. The Rude Pundit on Akin apologist and He Who Should Not Have A Job Where People Can Hear Him, Erick Erickson.

While other Republicans were throwing Senate candidate Todd Akin under the bus for revealing a bit too clearly what the GOP actually believes about abortion rights for rape victims, some on the right were there to offer a comforting nipple for Akin to suckle at. CNN contributor and Redstate blogger Erick "Erick" Erickson practically ripped off his shirt and yelled to Akin, "Nurse at these man-boobs, misunderstood sir."

"Revealing a bit too clearly" = "Said it out loud on camera".

There's a couple of camps of Akin apologists: the "let's move on, nothing to see here" camp and the moral equivalency camp. Erickson is firmly in the latter, and his blog post yesterday was the kind of straw-grasping you see an especially desperate defense attorney take in the trial of his serial disemboweler client. "Well, he may have ripped out his victims' intestines and swung them around like lassos, but, really, is that so bad compared to the Holocaust?" he might say. Or perhaps "Yes, but the prosecutor once jaywalked."

"Moral equivalency" is the so-called liberal media's greatest sin. They do it so they won't catch shit from the wingnuts when catching shit from the wingnuts should be a badge of honor like a Purple Heart. Cowards.

See, Erickson and others on the right are shit-scared right now, which is pretty much what he said today in asking Akin to heroically put his country ahead of himself and step down. (Dude, he's a Republican. Did you really think he'd act honorably?)

They're scared because Akin opened the door for a discussion of abortion rights and the GOP's attitude towards women, especially as it affects a certain running mate. Oh, how they wanted to concentrate on the economy and ignore shit like the Republican campaign platform that takes Akin and Paul Ryan's pre-VP selection stance, calling for a ban on all abortions with no rape exception.

So, yes, God bless Todd Akin. He did speak the truth. Now let's see where that argument gets the GOP.

Out of office would be good for starters. A parade down Pennsylvania Avenue featuring rails and tar and feathers would be a classy way of celebrating their blessed departure.

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