Friday, August 24, 2012

"Hey Government Guys!"

I'm lazy today. I'm resting up for the Repug convention and I advise the Tampa strippers and sidewalk hostesses to do the same. I'm really looking forward to it! I think there'll be a lot more action out in town than in the Hall and I hope the cable news people have put on extra crews to cover the strip clubs. I think the best "platform" in town will have a stripper pole on it!

Old Fart says he's been alive under 12 Presidents. I've got him beat: under "personhood", i.e. "a zygote has full human rights ... until it's born, then fuck it", I claim 13 Presidents because I was in the womb under FDR. He ain't the only Old Fart around here!

Our ol' buddy goes on about the craziest Repugs and has a few words about the batcrap judge in Texas who thinks he and Barney Fife the Lubbock County cops are going to save the nation from alien probes Obama's UN troops. Heh.

Notable quote:

You do know that Red Dawn wasn't a documentary, don't you?

Thanks to oldfartrants.

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