Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hey, Repugs - whatcha gonna do when God comes for you?

Dana Milbank on God's retribution for their sins by Hurricane Isaac (hopefully) blasting the Repug convention to smithereens next week.

Has God forsaken the Republican Party?

Well, sit in judgment of what’s happened in the past few days:

Heh...more popcorn!

Coincidence? Or part of some Intelligent Design?

By their own logic, Republicans and their conservative allies should be concerned that Isaac is a form of divine retribution. Last year, Rep. Michele Bachmann, then a Republican presidential candidate, said that the East Coast earthquake and Hurricane Irene — another “I” storm, but not an Old Testament one — were attempts by God “to get the attention of the politicians.” In remarks later termed a “joke,” she said: “It’s time for an act of God and we’re getting it.”

About fuckin' time! Let's see 'em spin this one and blame it on Libruls. I know they'll twist up some "logic" to that end like they do. When it comes to making up bullshit and sticking to their story no matter the facts, they have no equal.

Naturally we hope no one gets hurt and I for one will pray for the safety of the strippers, each and every one of whom does more for mankind than all the convention goers put together.


Fixer said...

Save the strippers first!!!!! Heh ...

Gordon said...

Yes! Unlike Repugs, they are useful human beings.

David Aquarius said...

I can put up a couple of them at my house. 3 or 4 max. I got extra towels, a sofa, 5 mil plastic sheeting, and a gallon of Crisco.

Whatever I can do to help. Just doing my civic duty.

Gordon said...

David, you're a true patriot! ;-)