Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Follow the money, motherfuckers"

And what would Willard's latest wafflestompers,-meet-pecker revelation be without El Rude-o's take?

Note to Mitt Romney: Everyone Is Dependent on the Government, You Dumb Fuck:

Good on Mitt Romney for not backing down from the purity of his dickishness.

I think he stole that "Note to ..." shit from me. With my blessing.

Holy shit, what's left, huh? What remains to be said about Mitt Romney? In just two weeks, we've learned that he has no clue about how to lead on foreign policy (something that was reconfirmed by another part of the video) and that he simply doesn't give a shit about nearly half the nation. How much more degraded can this most dickish man be, an undoing of amazing proportions simply because no one apparently ever told him that he was just too much of a tool to be president?

The people who told him he could be President told him he was The Chosen One. I actually think he believes that no matter what he says, it is written in stone and will happen. It will not, and that will be his reward for believing what his cult leaders told him since he was a boy.

Then Rude starts in on Willard's fellow vulture capitalist Mark Leder.

One other thing: Leder is also somewhat famous for being another one of those private equity bros who flaunt their wealth. He's not Mormon, so he doesn't have to waste his money on prancing horses or multiple cloned sons. Leder has sex parties in the Hamptons: "[G]uests cavorted nude in a pool and performed sex acts, while scantily clad Russian women danced on platforms. Dancers at the party also twirled flaming torches to booming beats." It's awesome that Romney doesn't care whose jizz-stained hands he shakes, as long as those hands are providing hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaign cash. Seriously, at this point, Romney may as well admit that he'd blow an elephant for the entertainment of wealthy donors in order to become president.

Orgies in the Hamptons, eh? Hmmmmm. Who do we know in Lawn Guyland who could get in and get some video of Willard fellating the pachyderm?

Note: don't shake anybody's hand. At least don't shake mine after. Heh.


In case Keith left out a couple: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


Fixer said...

Who do we know in Lawn Guyland who could get in and get some video of Willard fellating the pachyderm?

They don't let me in those neighborhoods. ;)

Gordon said...

I suspected that. Long memories regarding the (formerly) fair maidens of the gentry, no doubt. :-)

wkmaier said...

I just heard Erick Son of Erick on NPR this morning, why does he sound like he's got a mouthful of marbles??? He must disadvantaged in some way. :-)