Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Run, Jeb, Run!

Yeah, run from your surname. Heh.

The National Memo

Another Bush, Another Target-Rich Presidential Campaign

The Jeb Bush boomlet that fascinated gullible pundits — and tantalized Republicans — during the dark days of last winter’s presidential primary is undergoing a swift revival. Less than three weeks after the defeat of Mitt Romney, a candidate who proved repellent to minority voters, Republicans are said to be yearning for Jeb, who speaks fluent Spanish and whose wife is from Mexico.

While some aspects of the Jeb story may sound uplifting, there are certainly other episodes that will make voters’ hair stand on end.

No shit. Go read.

So yes — run, Jeb, run! The fact is that almost any presidential candidate from Florida represents a full-employment program for investigative journalism — and the “smarter” Bush brother is no exception.

Note to Jebbie: The country would no doubt be better off if you had been President instead of your dumbshit brother, but that ship done sailed. He ruined the whole fucking world and your chances with it.

By all means, run. It'll make Hil work a little harder than she would running against the batcrap crazy wing but not much.

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