Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Scarborough to Republicans:

Start attacking Susan Rice for her ‘temperament’

This is getting so good! Raw Story.

“How did they pull Kelly Ayotte in?” Scarborough wondered. “They pulled Kelly Ayotte into this trifecta after [Sen. Joe] Lieberman starts running for the doors.”

“They need a third amigo,” New York magazine’s John Heilemann explained. “And now two of the three are women — at least one of the three are women. They both think they are trying to recover from the war on women.”

The Rude Pundit calls Ayotte "Lieberman-with-smaller-tits" and McWalnuts "America's angriest leprechaun". Heh.

Someone else, and I can't remember who, is calling all three of them "the three pendejos". Pretty close.

“As apparently the only liberal with no interest in helping Republicans repair their political flux capacitor so they can get out of 1957 (My em. Heh.), I wholeheartedly agree with Joe Scarborough, and then some,” Christopher wrote. “Instead of ignoring Ambassador Susan Rice’s impressive qualifications in favor of a ginned-up controversy, Republicans should ignore Susan Rice’s qualifications in favor of a ginned-up controversy and her ‘temperament,’ and maybe they could also wonder how Rice will perform as Secretary of State and get dinner on the table at a reasonable hour.”

¡Mas popcorn! ¡Mucho mas mantequilla!


CAFKIA said...

Rachel Maddow is opining that this is all a scam to get a rethug senator back in in Mass. The idea is that Kerry is the #2 pick to replace Clinton at State and since the Mass senatorial race was a lot closer than the presidential race, their boy would have a good shot at beating whoever the Dems put up. But it only works in Mass and it is blown to shit if Rice gets State and Kerry stays put.

Nothing personal, it is all politics.


merlallen said...

Dave Weigal called Ayotte Shemp to Liebermann's Curly

montag said...

Kelly Ayotte, the Woman WHo Makes Granite Look Smart, is the perfect replacement in the Three Pendejos.

Gordon said...

You guys are enjoying this as much as I am. Great minds... :-)

It's all for naught as a ploy to get Scott Brown back as a senator. There's a D congressman in MA named Markey who can beat him easily.