Friday, July 23, 2004

Sandy Berger, again, and Tucker Carlson

Carlson is a lowlife fucking media whore asshole right-wing dope, I've said that before. From Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo:

There is nothing random about the documents he took. Berger stripped the files of every single copy of a single memo which detailed the Clinton administration's response to the Y2K terror threat.

Tucker Carlson
July 22nd 2004

[. . .]

[9/11 Commissioner Gorton on Lou Dobbs yesterday]GORTON: Well, we can't shed any light on exactly what happened there and on Sandy Berger's troubles with the Justice Department and the Archives. What we can say unequivocally is we had all of that information. We have every one of those documents. All of them have -- are infused in and are a part of our report.

Read Josh's entire post.

The Republican Machine. They've covered the media with their bullshit and no one calls them on it. No one questions these assholes as they spout their crap. The networks are worried about equal time and being tagged as 'Liberal'. Wish someone there would grow some backbone. The mass news media, network and cable, is where most of the masses get their news. They don't read papers, they don't surf the blogs, not the political ones anyway. They listen to the news out of the corner of their ear as the kids are screaming and they're putting dinner on the table, whatever. They don't fact check, they don't go research what the talking nitwit on TV said, they got other important shit to do. So they take what they hear and if someone doesn't call the bullshit artist on the crap he's shoveling, most folks believe it as fact. Incredible. Don't know whom I'm more pissed off at, the media or the Republicans.

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