Monday, July 19, 2004


Here's a new target for the terrorists during the Olympic Games in Athens. From MSNBC:

ATHENS, Greece - Thousands of riders packed the city’s new tram Monday as it made its first trip through the Greek capital before next month’s Olympics.

Designed primarily to ease chronic congestion on the capital’s busy streets, the tram system also was built with the Aug. 13-29 games in mind. Traffic jams are a serious problem in Athens, which has nearly 5 million residents and more than 2 million cars.

During the Olympics, trams will carry spectators from the city center to sports venues along Athens’ southern seaside suburbs. The system can carry up to 80,000 people a day.

[. . .]

Yup, that should make the appropriate statement. Ba-boom, no more tram, bodies and parts all over the TV in every country. Remember Madrid? Wait.

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