Monday, July 19, 2004


From WABC in New York:

Some Manhattan Restaurants Getting More Smoker-Friendly

(New York-WABC, July 23, 2004) — Lighting up just got easier at many Manhattan restaurants. The reason -- more sidewalk cafes, and more seats designated for smokers.

After a 25-year-ban, the city is now allowing hundreds of restaurants to seat patrons on the sidewalk.

And a quarter of those seats will be designated for smokers.

Look for the new smoke-friendly sidewalk cafes on a huge swath though Midtown, as well as on streets dotting the Upper East Side and Downtown

Ha! Fuck you, you militant non-smokers. I'm tired of you closing down every fucking place to smoke. Hear that, Mayor Bloomberg, you little fucking troll. It's about time someone's on our side.

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