Saturday, July 24, 2004

We don't need no steenking security

We have the 'war on terror'. From The Talking Dog:

David Galland writes this week's entry for our weekly visit to Pravda (where we often go, to find news about here you can't seem to get from here, as our "fair and balanced" media's attention is captivated by reality television and shit), telling us of a report in the Tombstone Tumbleweed to the effect that among the over 5,000 "non-Mexicans" picked up and detained by border patrol officials for illegally crossing the border into Arizona include numerous Arabic speakers. Among the "non-Mexicans" are men (its always men...) believed to be of Syrian and/or Iranian descent (two of the top 5 terrorist sponsoring states, for those keeping score). Homeland Security Department officials, will not, of course, confirm this (that might scare people legitimately, by telling us of a real, actual threat, as opposed to vague threats just designed to stir up anxiety for political reasons, such as non-sensical threats that A.Q. would attack the highly fortified conventions, rather than its usual "soft" targets).

[. . .]

I've been saying it since 9-fucking-11. I see it here, in New York, believe it or not. Hell with ya if I offend, but strip 'em naked and you can't tell an Arab from a Mexican, especially if he can speak Spanish. You can't swing a cat on Long Island without hitting a bunch of illegals standing on a street corner, waiting for some Italian landscaper to give them work for the day and exploit them. Never mind the open border to our north.

WABC in New York had this piece last week:

(New York-WABC, July 20, 2004) — With the threat of a terror attack hanging over both political conventions, we have uncovered alarming security gaps. In some areas the border is wide open and unguarded. The New York State border with Canada stretches 500 miles. Anyone that crosses it, including a possible terrorist, can be in the tri-state area in just a few hours. . .

[. . .]

At the major new Canadian border, they are asking questions and checking identification. All trucks pass through radiation detectors. And when we went through in an empty U-Haul truck, U.S. Custom inspectors stopped us to take a look inside.

But for all the post 9/11 tightening of the border's front-door, we found several back doors still unlocked and wide open.

[. . .]

But even less secure is the Mohawk Indian Reservation which straddles the border. As we discovered, here it's so easy to cross into Canada, you don't even know when you're doing it. No signs, no manned check points.

[WABC investigative reporter, Jim]Hoffer: "Are we in Canada or New York?"
Woman: "Canada."

Several roads inside the reservation cross the Canadian border. It is a drug trafficker or terrorists' dream.

Hoffer: We are just a few hundred yards from crossing back into the state of New York. And you can do this freely, go back-and-forth between the two countries undetected.

David Harris, Terrorist Intelligence Expert: "There is no conceivable excuse for this kind of mismanagement of border security."

[. . .]

How are we winning the 'war on terror' when these folks can just walk in and out of here undetected? Just like 9/11, we're gonna be asleep at the switch when a major U.S. city goes up in a mushroom cloud. Hey, I'm all for immigration. I wouldn't be here if my parents didn't come to this country in pursuit of the Dream, neither would my wife, or my best friend . . . well, you get it. The Great Melting Pot is what makes America what it is. But I'm for LEGAL immigration. Forget the loss of revenue in taxes and the other attendant expenses relating to illegal immigrants, it's the security issue. If undereducated, south of the border, economic refugees can get in here this easily, in such numbers, imagine what a terrorist can do. I thought Bush was gonna make the borders safer, the lying sack of shit.

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