Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Child support

I've been saying this to anyone who tells me 'America supports the world'. No, America supports Egypt and Israel (who do you think is paying for the Gaza pullout perchance?), everybody else can go fuck themselves. The United States is the least charitable of any of the industrialized nations. From the Tart (I prefer the British pronounciation 'taht' as in 'you little tart'.):

Total US international aid is around .21% GNP- still among the lowest ratios of all donor nations . . .

But we can spend $200bn on Iraq and how much on 'Strategic Missile Defense'. All those big promises made at Gleneagles have gone by the wayside it seems:

[. . .]

The G8 agreed to increase aid from rich countries by $48bn a year by 2010. When Tony Blair announced this to parliament, he said that "in addition ... we agreed to cancel 100% of the multilateral debts" of the most indebted countries. He also stated that aid would come with no conditions attached. These were big claims, all of which can now be shown to be false. [my emphasis]

[. . .]

So stop saying we're giving all our money away. We're not, we're wasting it making a mess of the world.

Special note to Bono of U2: I love ya, man, but you're an asshole if you ever take a conciliatory stand toward President Dicknose the way you did in Scotland this year. Bush and Blair played you for a fool.

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