Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Ann Coulter doesn't like New Yorkers. Fine with me, but don't question our courage:

She says of terrorists, "it's far preferable to fight them in the streets of Baghdad than in the streets of New York (where the residents would immediately surrender)."

Just the same way we surrendered on 9/11, right? I've lived all over the world and I've never met people who rise to the occasion better or faster than New Yorkers. The stories of heroism and courage on that day, not just by cops and firefighters but ordinary citizens (not to mention the heroic exploits and sacrifice from our own 'Fighting 69th' in Iraq and Afghanistan), are too numerous to mention. We'll fight in the streets if we have to and we'll win. I'm tired of skanks and whores talking down about the people in this very blue city. We were the ones attacked on 9/11 and we were the ones who survived and went on. It's assholes like this who use our pain when it suits them yet can put us down when it doesn't. Fuck the lot of them. [Though I wouldn't fuck Ann Coulter with a stolen dick.]

Hat tip: Atrios.

Update: 06:00:

Glen echoes my sentiments almost exactly. Shows ya how New Yorkers think. Don't fuck with us. We'll fuck your collective asses until you choke.

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