Wednesday, August 24, 2005

He may live on an iceberg but . . .

The guy in the fancy suit has got it nailed:

[. . .]

Israel is safer today than it has ever been in its entire existence. Yet, talking to my Israeli coworkers, reading the news from Israel, it seems that the Israeli people themselves haven't got the message, and indeed if you point this out and point out that maybe it's time that the United States quit propping up a failed welfare state in the Middle East by shipping them billions of dollars in aid, and instead force them to reform both economically and politically to live in the modern world rather than as a walled-off garrison state, you're immediately accused of being an anti-Semite who wants to exterminate Jews because everybody in the area hates Jews and wants to destroy Israel.

[. . .]

It's time we got the Israeli spies and provocateurs out of the U.S. government. It's time to rethink our pouring almost $5bn into the Israeli economy every year, especially when we're cutting funding to the VA and other worthy organizations.

Israel has nukes, ladies and gents, and they can damn well protect themselves in the region with that threat alone. I'm tired of fighting Israel's battles and wars while they turn into the Nazis they so despise and stand at our front door with their hands out.

[And you'll notice I didn't use the words 'Israeli' and 'Jew' interchangably as I have been apt to in the past. See, even an old dog can learn a new trick or two.]

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