Friday, August 26, 2005

Squandering our cred

I've said this for a while, though the Wingnut Right doesn't get it. The United States is the only society gullible enough to be swayed so completely by rhetoric. 51% of the populace swallowed all the bullshit Chimpy dished out and went along like sheep, mouthing whatever RNCFox News tells them to.

Other places aren't like this, though to the wingnuts, no other places count. Earth was put here by God for the United States to dominate and administer for the good of the United States. The Neocon dogma plays here (see 'gullability' above), but folks around the world judge us by our actions, not the RNC corporate line.


[. . .]

Ackerman breaks down all the reasons why Guantanamo is counterproductive to our national security as well as why it is an immoral, legal and strategic mistake of epic proportions. He very clearly shows how the administration's stubborn "my way or the highway" philosophy has put it at odds with virtually every other country and actually impeded the detention of dangerous people. It seems that the rest of the world isn't willing to throw its constitutions out the window to accomodate us just because we've thrown out ours. And the administration refuses to change anything, including our ineffectual torture techniques and endless detention policies. [my emphases]

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Mission Accomplished. In five short years, we've gone from the Leader of the Free World to a pariah nation. Penthouse to the pavement in a historical blink of an eye.

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