Sunday, September 18, 2005

Can we find a winner?

David Mamet in the L.A. Times via Lambert:

[. . .]

Control of the initiative is control of the battle. In the alley, at the poker table or in politics. One must raise. The American public chose Bush over Kerry in 2004. How, the undecided electorate rightly wondered, could one believe that Kerry would stand up for America when he could not stand up to Bush? A possible response to the Swift boat veterans would have been: "I served. He didn't. I didn't bring up the subject, but, if all George Bush has to show for his time in the Guard is a scrap of paper with some doodling on it, I say the man was a deserter."

[. . .]

I've asked the question a million times. Is there a Democrat out there with the balls to raise?

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