Wednesday, September 21, 2005

One for everybody

A miserable statistic from the King:

American troop deaths in Iraq have now passed the 1900 mark. Throw in the wounded, and the official US casualty count tops 20,000. Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan, notes that if the Iraqi insurgency is 20,000 strong, as US military commanders continue to insist, then "each insurgent is responsible for one US casualty":

[. . .]

So what are we doing? Fucking the troops even more. A related post from the King:

The war in Iraq now costs you, the American taxpayer, $6.7 billion each month, or well over a billion and a half a week. When unanticipated expenses (such as skyrocketing fuel costs; remember when oil revenues were supposed to pay for the cost of the occupation?) left the Army scrambling to cover a $1.43 billion shortfall, one obvious solution presented itself -- raid the vehicular armor fund, which serves absolutely no useful purpose apart from keeping American soldiers alive:

[. . .]

When, praise God, does this become criminal?

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