Sunday, September 18, 2005

Feingold in '08 . . . again

Last week I directed you to Ed's place for his 2-parter on Russ Feingold of WI. This week, I send you to Shakes:

[. . .]

That said, I'm not sure that Russ Feingold's liberalism will have as limited appeal as it might seem at first blush. It's true that Feingold is now ranked the most liberal Senator (tied with Boxer) in the Senate, which would likely be, under typical circumstances, a liability. But with the opportunity having presented itself to hold accountable not just the Bush administration, but the conservative agenda, for many of the massive government failures we've seen lately, the game has changed a bit . . .

To me, Feingold is looking more and more of what we need. Someone we can give the nation who isn't beholden to special interest and has a firm and principled progressive vision. After eight years of crooks, Americans might see him as a refreshing change. In my book though, it's too soon to be looking at candidates for '08. A lot can happen by then. The focus should be on at least one house of Congress in '06. Personally, I'll keep an eye on all the 'likely candidates' but I'll make up my mind before the primary season in '07.

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