Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm mad at you

At all you fucking sheep out there. If one more person tells me 'I don't get involved with politics because it doesn't matter', I'm gonna grab you by the neck and shake for all I'm worth. Let me tell you something. It MATTERS. Well, it used to, until this upcoming vote in the Senate. You know the one. The vote that will confirm Sam Alito as a Supreme Court Justice?

It matters because your rights are slowly withering away. What did you expect, you fucking assholes? Did you expect jackbooted stormtroopers in the streets to tell you there's something wrong? Is that what will wake you up? That ain't gonna happen. Not quite yet anyway; this is a democracy after all. You'll be made to vote your rights away, just as you've been doing for the past 5 years.

Do you say 'Bush will be out in 3 years and we'll have someone else'? If you think that you're a bigger fucking idiot than I give you credit for. Look at how the nitwit justifies his domestic spying program. I'm the Preznit and I can do what I want. Do you think they'll willingly give up power? Case in point: Rudy Giuliani here in NYC. Does anyone remember the trial balloon he floated just before the 2001 Mayoral Elections, just after 9/11? He wanted to do away with term limits so he could serve another least. Wait for that to happen in '07 because Bush is also a power monger and he will not go quietly.

I give it 3 months before the Terror Alerts begin, and all the Repub candidades begin repeating the 'stay the course' mantra. Listen to the heads, the pundits commenting on the latest Osama communique. Did you know there are probably 20,000 al-Qaeda operatives in this country just waiting to act? Even Oprah had a show this week that was nothing more than a scare-fest. Whore...but I digress. They're warming up the fear factor; the fear-o-meter is at about 6 now, but it'll hit 11 by September. 9/11! 9/11! 9/11!

And all you brain dead morons will swallow it.

I'm sorry but if there are 20,000 jihadists in this country, why haven't they done anything in 4 years? And that begets the question why we haven't been more successful rounding them up? Do you think the Repubs would have passed up the PR opportunity if they were? Ever wonder why there hasn't been a terror threat since the presidential elections in '04?

"Oh but Fixer," you say. "We have checks and balances on the power of the Executive. Don't get all frothy."

Your last check and balance goes into the dumper this week, when they confirm Alito for SCOTUS. Buh-bye. Now they will be able to pass any legislation they want and a majority of the Supreme Court will back them.

Know what?

The Nazis gained power the same way. The jackbooted stormtroopers come later.

Thanks a fucking lot, you apathetic motherfuckers.

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